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Science and Technology TV

Science and Technology TV

Science & Technology TV is an Internet-based science TV channel. It is an initiative of the Department of Science and Technology, Govt of India. This 24x7 TV Channel is dedicated to science and technology, with a strong commitment to spreading scientific awareness especially with Indian perspectives, ethos and cultural milieu.

Science and Technology are the main driving forces of the nation and fundamental to the progress and growth. So it is necessary that advantages of science and technology should reach to all sections of the society through popular media of communication. In India, the internet user base is increasing rapidly and presently total internet subscribers were 422.19 million includes 70.83 % from urban and15.49% are from rural areas and this becoming a most accessible and preferable media for the content delivery.

Science & Technology TV  channel will  cover entire landscape  of Science & Technology including Engineering, Health and Medicine,Natural Science, Environment and Wildlife, Children’s Curiosity, Science and Society, Agriculture, Innovations, Scientific Heritage, Science Policy using interactive and latest formats like Documentaries, Discussion, Demonstrations/Experiment Shows, Quizzes, Game shows, Science Fiction, Docu-Dramas, Specials, Biographies. Science Channel will mainly focus India's contribution in science and Technology and will also cover the latest S&T developments from all around the world.

Science & Technology TV is a bilingual channel i.e in Hindi and English.

Apart from web streaming, Science & Technology TV offers several interactive services like Video on Demand where a viewer can watch any programmes from the Recent Shows section as per their convenience. Recent Science and Technology Videos and latest Indian Science News are the additional features of the Science & Technology TV Channel.

This internet-based Science & Technology TV channel is following open network, so any viewer having an internet connection can view programmes through their electronic devices like laptop, desktop PC, smartphones (Android Phone/ I-phone), android STBs, smart TVs using web platform or mobile app.

Vigyan Prasar, an autonomous organization of Department of Science and Technology is a nodal organization to run and operate a science channel.

To watch and subscribe the Science & Technology TV channel,

Please login to http://vigyanprasar.in/live/ and get registered.

Keep viewing and send your suggestions/feedback to Vigyan Prasar!